Courses overview

Below you will find the courses currently provided for our members.

Each course will consist of several modules, with new modules being added regularly.   



Our leadership course builds from a ‘What is Leadership?’ module, through to topics including understanding your leadership style, leadership and management responsibilities and growing your self-awareness.

Leading teams

From how to run an effective meeting through to motivating others for high performance, this course explores important fundamentals of leading teams.

Customer service

If you manage customer/client/patient-facing staff, this course will help you with fundamentals of customer service, and tips on improving your team’s approach.

Conflict management

This course explores the sources of conflict in the workplace, ways to address it in a team, and how best to approach challenging conversations.

Leading change

In this course we explore the challenges of implementing change, how to communicate effectively and engaging others with change.

Professional development planning

We have collated several resources to help you consider your development needs. These resources are designed to help you reflect and plan how you will get the most out of your Membership.


This course focuses on workplace coaching – the benefits, methods, and making it a style of leadership that gets results.

Stress management

This course explores methods to  manage your own stress, as well as helping support others through stressful situations.


With tips to enhance your interviewing, this course takes a unique angle on the process of recruitment and how it can help promote your business.